Frequently Asked Questions

Losing your teeth can be painful. But with excellent results we can fix that problem. At Peach Street we will help you live a healthier, happier life by providing you with a comfortable, attractive substitute to your natural teeth that.
Dentures are an investment. But the confidence, comfort, and freedom they provide can be invaluable. At Peach Street, we always offer our patients low everyday prices and no surprises – we’ll provide a detailed estimate on the cost of your treatment plan in writing so you know what to expect.
Between 5 and 7 years. Just like natural teeth, dentures wear down and stain with age. Your mouth is constantly changing. Your dentures will need adjustments from time to time. We advise seeing your dentist annually for a denture check-up. No matter how minor it may seem, you should always notify your dentist at the first sign of irritation.
Peach Street dentures are custom-crafted to suit you – so they are natural looking and really comfortable. At the beginning of the process, there is a “try-in” period. Your teeth will be positioned in wax, so you and your dentist can see what your dentures will look like beforehand. This is a great time to discuss the appearance and make any adjustments. Many patients notice that once they get dentures, pronounced facial lines are softened, giving them a more youthful look. We want our denture patients to be proud of their smile, so we will work hard to make that happen.
You will get used to your dentures before you know it, but it will take time and patience. If you have any challenges our dentists will be happy to help you by explaining the best ways to get used to biting and chewing with your new dentures.
At first dentures may feel strange. It’s normal if they seem too big and if you notice an increase in saliva. Once your facial muscles and oral tissues adapt, your dentures should feel very comfortable. It may take a week or longer to adjust.
Always clean your dentures over something soft like a towel so you don’t break them if you drop them. Hold them gently between your thumb and fingers, and brush them using a denture brush and denture cleaner…you can also use soap. Make sure you use lukewarm water. We suggest cleaning your dentures after every meal.
Don’t be concerned if there are minor differences at first. Once your mouth is accustomed to the change, this should subside. Reading aloud is an excellent exercise for helping to restore normal speech quickly.
Every case is different. Your dentist will let you know what’s right for you. There are special precautions to take with your dentures when they are not being used.
Do not attempt to reline your dentures! You could damage your dentures and even your mouth. Just call us if you have any issues.